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Tensilen® contains ’’SAM-e’’ , amino-acid naturally present in every cell in human body.

In short, SAMe is a substance in your organism fueling numerous vital functions – including maintaining natural, good mood.

Full name of this amino-acid is S-adenosyl L-methionine. It was discovered in Italy in 1952, so we are not surprised by the fact that most of the related researches are conducted in the very country of its discovery.

Over 30 years, European doctors have been prescribing SAMe for mood lifting. Due to numerous studies and experiences of consumers, it is considered to be one of the most secure and most efficient natural medications for depression.

Even though certain amount of this substance is already present in our organism, eating habits, stress, ageing, certain illnesses, vitamin deficiencies and other factors may have impact on the amount produced by our body.

Researches show that when we feel bad, the level of this amino-acid is lower than required.

Studies prove that additional intake lifts mood, promoting a balance of neurotransmitters responsible for healthy functioning of our nervous system cells.

Additional intake is recommended as it boosts serotonin production and other substances responsible for mood enhancement.

Low concentration of SAMe in cerebrospinal fluid (fluid present in brain and spinal cord) has been observed in individuals suffering from depression. These findings supported claims that Tensilen® can help in mood lifting

SAMe’s impact on depression has been studied in a number of clinical researches, and studies show its exceptional efficiency compared to placebo, and in higher doses equal efficiency as some tri-cyclic antidepressants, having far less side effects.

Research show that increased level of SAMe, including supplementation with Tensilen®, has positive impact on alleviating symptoms of depression.

[item]Studies also show that vitamin B complex lessens tension, lifts low spirit and depressive mood. Vitamin B complex along with SAMe contained in the product Tensilen® additionally aids mood lifting.

Tensilen koristi kolačiće kako bi perosnalizovao sadržaje i analizirao posete. Poštuje pravila politike privatnosti. Više informacija

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